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9:00 am - 10:00 am


Text Dana Ammari to be added to the class


Now that the weather is warming up, we are hoping to restart our water fitness sessions at the MHL pool this week.  Makenna and I will tag team between Tues and Thur for the next few weeks due to our travel schedules, but we should be able to get in the water at least once a week through summer.

 The MHL calendar will get updated regularly, but if you are interested in joining the group at any point, please respond to this email so that you will be added to the text chain. 

All further communication will be via textWe will start with 9am classes for the first few weeks and then will adjust as the weather heats up. 

 Here are the dates for sessions through June:
Thur, May 9th (Dana)
Tues, May 14th (Makenna)
Tues, May 21th (Makenna)
Thurs, May 30th (Makenna)
Tues, June 4th (Makenna)
Thur, June 13th (Dana)
Thur, June 20th (Dana)
The week of June 24th (TBD)


As a reminder, and for anyone new to the group, Makenna and I are just residents, not trained instructors 😘.  
The majority of exercises use a sturdy pool noodle.  If you don't have one, Dicks has them for $5.  Some women also use swim gloves and pool weights but they aren't mandatory.
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Dana Ammari



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